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3-2-1... Launch!

When you launch a new product or service, you need people to see your online information and offers.

Nowadays, issuing a press release and making announcements on social media may not be enough.

To reach enough target customers you'll need to fire up some online advertising.

We help you plan and execute effective online advertising for your launches and beyond.

KnowledgePower: Digital agency in Hampshire (UK) specializing in pay per click advertising.
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Why AdWords?

It is the most powerful opportunity for most businesses to switch on targeted traffic to new offers / services / product lines.

Because of the speed of execution, control, and data it gives you, pay-per-click also usefully feeds back into your content planning, organic keyword selection, and promotional work for social media.

Why seek help with online advertising?

Simply put, you will benefit from someone on your side. Advertising systems, first and foremost Google AdWords, are focused on encouraging you to spend as much as possible, but can't create effective advertising for you.

Getting results out of online advertising is both an art and a science, and it pays to have experienced specialists on your side.

If you want to get it right, building and maintaining online advertising campaigns is time-consuming and detailed work. This is what we specialize in, so you get better results for your budget, faster, and free up your own time and energy for the more essential matter of running your business!

Managed online advertising: fixed or ongoing campaigns

We manage your advertising either on a fixed project basis or an ongoing monthly service that you can stop or resume at any time. Advertising spend is 100% transparent and again can be modified or paused/resumed at any time.

Your advertising strategy should be a tailored part of your overall marketing strategy. Although we are focused on advertising management, we're knowledgeable about the whole digital marketing spectrum. We will help you place pay-per-click in the context of an overall business strategy, and make sure what we are doing is tailored and coordinated with the rest of your marketing.

KnowledgePower Team:

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Advertising is a "must" for reaching your target audience

Promoting a new product or service is first and foremost a numbers game.

It's about how many of the right people you can get to take a look at your news and offers.

Organic search, content marketing, and social media are all important to work on, over the long term, but none of these will bring you instant and dependable website traffic. Can you afford to wait for many months for your SEO efforts and word-of-mouth to kick in?

Online advertising, in particular pay-per-click in Google AdWords, offers you effectively an instant on/off switch for relevant traffic to your chosen web pages (or products, or videos, or app).

How much does AdWords cost?

How much you need to spend on AdWords depends on your audience acquisition goals and how competitive your market is. To a great extent your ad campaign performance (and costs) will also reflect how unique and attractive your products/services are when presented online.

AdWords (and other pay-per-click networks) are very flexible in that you can switch on and off campaigns and don't have to commit to any fixed expenditure or contract in their systems. However, since clicks usually cost on average at least £1, and usually more when the market/product/theme is more competitive, you will have to allocate a high enough click budget to get the quantity of website visitors you're looking for.

Simply put, if you limit your budget to a small number of clicks then no amount of optimization can generate a higher absolute number of website visitors.

How much traffic do you need, and who is going to manage the advertising?

There's no official right or wrong answer for how much you should spend on your online advertising. The main factor when you are starting out, is whether your click spend needs to drive a launch to a certain key customer/sales growth level.

If you know how many customers you want to win through your website, then you can work backwards to figure out how many website visitors you need.

Above a certain minimum click spend, it becomes potentially inefficient to try managing your advertising by yourself. Managing online ad campaigns can get complicated fast, and is always time-consuming even on quite limited scope campaigns.

If you don't have skilled marketers in your team then it will bring you a better return on your ad spend to have your campaigns managed by someone experienced and focused on the task. That's us :) See more on our PPC management pricing guidelines.

Minimum click spend threshold

In order for your campaigns to benefit from active agency management we recommend a minimum ad spend of £20 per day.

The above is just a minimum to make it worthwhile to bring in outside expertise. If you need to budget out a marketing strategy that includes pay-per-click, allocate more than your minimum because you may not know the average cost per click yet, and you will need to allow some flexibility for experimentation aside from the main campaign(s).

For the above reasons, if you have not already got data to help plan a specific click spend level, we'd suggest £1,500 per month as a rule of thumb.

At this minimum click spend level you can expect to get enough impressions and clicks to form longer-term decisions from your own data, and of course it means you are getting the exposure and customer clicks that will "make the phone ring".

Don't forget the investment in the landing pages and offers

One more factor to bear in mind is that click spend and campaign management are not the only costs involved in effective ad campaigns. Firstly you have to work on creative (web pages, images, video), which will be a visible cost if you don't already have the web publishing skills in your team. Secondly you may have to budget for the cost of promotional offers related to your ad campaigns, for example money-off vouchers or free trials/gifts.

"AdWords is too expensive!"

We will never push clients to spend money on advertising that is useless. The initial goal when you start advertising is to gain enough confidence through data and real customer acquisition, that you are happy to continue or scale up the campaigns that are working.

Having actual data means you can make an informed judgement whether PPC is worth it for you or not. The only way to get the specific data for your business is to run controlled live advertising tests. It's often the right decision to stop and try other digital marketing tactics. But the wrong decision is to ignore PPC just on a fear / risk / prejudice basis without testing it in a controlled way.

Another angle on the "AdWords is too expensive" question is to compare it like-for-like with other advertising opportunities. We can help you set up Facebook ad campaigns, for example, where you can see if the audience targeting and different ad types in that system can bring you customers more cost-effectively.

Compare digital advertising costs to traditional media

It's definitely worth checking out newspaper and radio advertising rates in your target locations. Usually these "old media" prices (which are completely untracked in terms of audience data) will put the cost of pay-per-click in a different light.

For example:

  • A quarter page ad in the UK free newspaper Metro will cost you from £9,102 [20x3/Quarter page, colour, national edition, 2015 ratecard].
  • For the same investment you could acquire 4,000-10,000 clicks, from targeted people looking for what you offer, directly to your offer pages. (Yes we are biased but this sounds like a better deal to us, particularly since you can test different ideas within that one campaign and optimize as you go.)
  • Compared on an impressions basis rather than clicks, £9,000 could buy you at least 5,000,000 impressions in Google's Display Network if not more (which could be targeted by demographics, interests, placement and more). This probably greatly exceeds the free newspaper's generic audience for a one-day ad.

Interested? Let us help you research the opportunities

Google AdWords is the no.1 most powerful digital marketing opportunity available to most businesses. However, it is competitive, complex, and potentially costly. We recommend you research the opportunities well, and we'll help you do that.

In particular we can help you quantify the likely costs involved, firstly with some estimates based on your marketing goals, and secondly by implementing one or more controlled research campaigns.

Use the form below to note down some key facts about your business position, and we'll get back to you with some ideas specific to your business.

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