AdWords Research Projects

"Would AdWords advertising work for our business?"
"How much would it cost?"
"Which keywords would work best?"
"Would we have to make any changes to our site?"
"How big is the market?"
"Who are our main search competitors?"

These and more questions are answered by our unique AdWords Research Project service.
Please watch the video for an introduction and download the PDF linked below.

Google AdWords research projects

KnowledgePower offers UK and global businesses 60 day managed Google AdWords research projects: providing you uniquely valuable data and recommendations about whether AdWords would work for you, and if so, how to plan longer term advertising.

This is the ideal way to test the water if you have never advertised systematically online... or tried AdWords previously by yourselves but couldn't get results.

Controlled test pay-per-click campaigns are applicable to both new and existing businesses. We are highly experienced setting up and managing AdWords campaigns for local and national businesses, B2B and B2C, ecommerce, and specialist / niche product promotion.

AdWords Research Projects are invaluable for:

  • providing genuine and specific market data for business plans;
  • planning SEO / content rebuilds for your site: because you see exactly which keywords are being searched, regardless of whether you currently appear in those organic search results;
  • market-testing new products/services, including on new microsites away from your main website;
  • testing new website design ideas;
  • researching market demand in new regions;

The end result of an AdWords Research Project is that you can make more confident and better-justified marketing strategy decisions.

Armed with actual data that relates to your business, you will be able to predict much more accurately whether PPC needs to be a main part of your marketing strategy and, if so, how much you will need to budget for it.

→ PDF overview: Download the detailed description of this service here.

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Google AdWords: opening up an exciting source of potential business growth... or just an empty box that cost you a lot of wasted time and money? There's only one way to find out: get started. We will get you PPC data and insights quickly and within a fixed cost.

Is Google AdWords worth it for our business?

Is pay per click a huge untapped source of new customers and sales growth...
...or is it all just a waste of time and money, and we should forget about it and invest in more effective marketing tactics?

The answer to this marketing question is not the same for everyone: pay per click - in particular, Google AdWords, works for some businesses but definitely not all.

Some businesses thrive on pay per click traffic and companies confidently spend thousands  -- or tens of thousands of pounds acquiring traffic, which succeeds brilliantly in producing a stream of new customers for them month in, month out.

On the other hand, there are some markets where it is just too competitive to be able to succeed in Google paid search without unrealistically large budgets to bid for clicks against big brands with deep pockets...  and there are also many companies whose products and services are simply not the right kind of thing to make paying for web traffic worthwhile.

How can you determine whether pay per click in Google AdWords is for YOU?

And if you suspect Google AdWords should be a good opportunity, how do you know the best approach which is most likely to succeed in bringing in sales?

Well, nobody can tell you that in advance.

The only way is to dive in and test it.

By running live test campaigns in AdWords, you will get the actual, specific data that you need to evaluate whether it is all "worth it" for YOU...

For example from your tests you'll get lists of keywords which your customers are actually searching with (not just what a keyword tool guesses)... you'll what the competition is like, you'll measure the search volume and see the potential click through rates and traffic you could acquire, and perhaps the question most on your mind - you can see the exact costs involved.

Even short tests in AdWords can tell you a lot about whether it is worth pursuing paid traffic to bring in new business.

However, if you are not experienced in the pretty intricate AdWords systems, how can you construct tests that are effective in a short time and on a limited budget... and how can you be confident you are drawing the correct conclusions?

For better results, why not work with experienced AdWords marketers to set up test campaigns for you, manage the tests within your budget, and provide you with interpretation and recommendations.

This is why KnowledgePower is now offering low-cost, fixed-timescale research projects for small businesses to evaluate the potential of Google AdWords.

Over 60 days we run a carefully-constructed series of test ad groups, including optimization on the fly, and split testing of ads, and at the end we provide you with a report that identifies the top opportunities to pursue... including easy-to-understand click budget options to consider.

PDF overview: Download the detailed description of this service here.

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