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Agile Recruitment Process

Agile is the new orthodox methodology for software developers. This has been so transformative for programming teams, it's not surprising to see digitally-focused companies considering how to apply these better working habits to the rest of the organization.

For example, "agile marketing" is now a thing:


If you're interested in what agile marketing might mean, here's a good discussion from UK-based software experts Clearvision.

What about when it comes to hiring people? Most managers would agree that building the right team of highly talented people is THE critical factor in business success.

So can normal recruitment methods be improved? What would it look like to apply Agile to recruitment? Here are some ideas...

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In 2016, What Is Ecommerce?

In 2016, and this has been the case for a few years already now, if you are starting an ecommerce business...

This is the order in which you should build your sales channels:

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. A third vertical relevant to your product category, e.g. Etsy
  4. Owned ecommerce site

Amazon and eBay are where all the customers are, and where they are all buying. Go there and sell your stuff to them, duh. Read more »

5 Ways Web Designers Are Often Bad For Marketing

A good web designer is creative, highly skilled, and can capture and realize business clients' requirements for a new/updated website that are both aesthetic and functional. A great website production will be a great marketing asset for that client. Good designers are more than worth their high prices.

However, the work of web designers (often agencies) is often at odds with what a business needs from the point of view of digital marketing.

This is not all the fault of the designers, since many of the issues arise due to the ways in which clients approach their website development.

But it would certainly be nicer for everyone if more people in the world of design took note of some of these issues:...

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“We Break Your Toys” – Interview with Cyber Security Consultants Xiphos Research

"We break your toys" said the memorable trade fair banner of Xiphos Research, UK cyber security consultants.

After getting into conversation with Xiphos director Mike Kemp about the pros and cons (and limitations and potential for false sense of security) of website https, he kindly agreed to answer some general questions for this exclusive blog interview.

[Note: formatting and bold for emphases have been added by KnowledgePower Editor]

A surreal stock image of four Businesspeople breaking many pencils

Pen testing: possibly you are approaching this vital topic all wrong... Pick up some sage advice from cyber security experts Xiphos

What is "pen testing" all about?

Mike Kemp: The term pen testing covers a multitude of sins none of which involve biros.

Penetration testing (or pen testing for short) can be utilised to test networks, applications, facilities, and sometimes even people. The goal is to find and actively exploit security vulnerabilities before fraudsters, criminals, or malicious attackers can. Read more »

List of Multichannel Ecommerce SaaS Providers

Multichannel solution providers are for ecommerce sellers to put all their description and inventory data in one place, and then use the system's range of tools to:

  • generate and export datafeeds, especially useful for Google Shopping and similar
  • automatically list / delist / reprice products or whole batches of products in ecommerce verticals, primarily eBay and Amazon
  • feed products into a master owned ecommerce store (In our view, startups should do this only after already proven commercially viable through eBay and Amazon.)
  • simply have a more futureproof and import/export friendly solution for managing core product and stock data all in one place

The following is a basically unsorted list from our own past research for clients and feel free to contact us to get your own favourite (or employer's) system listed. Read more »

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