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= the sum total of meaning when people 'utilize' the words listed below.

This list of annoying digital markety buzzwords / jargon / clich├ęs is a work in progress, because those slickly coiffured guys literally make it their job to come up with more all the time...

KnowledgePower has published a (less facetious and quite useful actually) guide to digital marketing jargon which we might be in danger of using when talking with clients... view the jargon guide in Google Docs here


Anyone referring to themselves as a "marketeer" or to "marketeering" should be put in the tower immediately.

If you are a business owner, be aware that marketers want to:

Basically, all it boils down to is: Are you leveraging your assets? And if not, do you need more assets, or more leverage? Or maybe neither: maybe you need to be more lean. Or agile, in a scrum. Or just more like AirBnB. Only several hours of powerpoints will tell.


"Weird Al" Yankovic - Mission Statement
An analysis of the terms used in Weird Al's "Mission Statement"