Tencent - Consumer-visible business activities

Mind map by George Baily - Copyright 2014 @georgebaily

Tencent - Consumer-visible 

 business a ...Social Media and Instant MessagingQQ (instant messenger)≈ Skype / AIM / ICQ / MSN MessengerQQ GroupsWechat / Weixin (IM++)partly parallels with Facebook and Twitt ...≈ WhatsApp (now owned by Facebook)(includes mobile payments)Business IMTencent Messenger (TM)QQ EnterpriseReal Time eXchange (RTM)VIP.QQ.com (shopping and membership bene ...QQShow (virtual items within QQ system)Qzone≈ FacebookPengyou≈ FacebookCity Elite≈ FacebookTencent Weibo≈ Twitterinvestor in --> Kakao (Korean mobile mes ...investor in --> Snapchat (maybe)GamesQQ Mobile gamingVarious MMOG titlesJourney to the Fairyland; 

 Dungeon & F ...Various Casual Gaming titlesQQ Feng Shen Ji; 

 QQ Dancer; 

 QQ Spe ...Various PC/desktop titlesQQ PetSilkroad HeroVarious within-social-media app gamesQQ Farm; 

 QQ RestaurantQQ Game (community/platform)Riot Games (subsidiary)League of LegendsEpic Games (subsidiary)investor in --> Activision Blizzardinvestor in --> Plain Vanilla Gamesinvestor in --> CJ GamesWebQQ.com (portal)Searchsoso.com (search)Investor in --> sogou.com (search; owned ...investor in --> Dianping≈ Yelpinvestor in --> elong (travel)investor in --> 17u (travel)investor in --> Tutorgroup (education, o ...Taobao Tongxue (education, online learni ...Ecommerce and Online PaymentsQ Coins (virtual currency)(partial parallels with WoW Gold, Clubca ...Tenpay (payment system)≈ PaypalTenpay credit cardpaipai.com (auction ecommerce)≈ eBayinvestor in --> Dianping (offers/deals)investor in --> Watsi (humanitarian crow ...investor in --> China South City (logist ...investor in --> JD.com (China's no.2 eco ...MobileQQ Mobile Service (subscription & mobile ...3G.QQ.com (mobile portal site)Super QQ ("VIP" mobile app/functionality ...Myapp (Tencent Android App Marketplace)≈ Google Play / iOS App StoreTencent Mapsinvestor in --> CyanogenMod (mobile OS)More businesses..Licaitong (yuebao-like online investment ...investor in --> Didi Dache (taxi booking ...investor in --> Leju Holdiings (real est ...Music and MediaQQ Music ("largest online music platform ...music.3G.QQ.com ("largest wireless music ...QQLiveparallels with iPlayer, Hulu, and Youtub ...partner with TCL on --> iTQQ (smart TV)partner with LeTVpartner with Future TVweixin TVSoftware and AppsTencent Traveler (Browser)≈ IE / FirefoxQQPlayer (desktop music/media player)≈ Windows Media Player etcQQ Pinyin (Chinese typing input)QQDownload (desktop download manager)QQMail (web email)≈ Gmail, hotmailFoxmail (desktop email client)≈ Outlook, thunderbirdWeiyun (cloud storage)≈ DropboxQQ Doctor (PC antivirus/ security)≈ AVG etcpartner with --> Kingsoft (PC antivirus  ...Top AppsTencent Mobile AssistantQQ; WeChat; QzoneONE Browservarious game/plugins for WechatFurther key pointsMa Huateng (aka Pony Ma) [founder, chair ...Public US$123bn company listed in HK 
 ...Also: TCEHY (U.S.: OTC)"the company has more than 500 different ...AdvertisingTencent MIND (integrated system for busi ...

Tencent - Consumer-visible

business activities