Website Content Publishing Resource Planning

Once you have launched your new website, it's not the end... but actually just the beginning 🙂

You have just embarked on a non-stop journey of building and updating your website content, in quality and quantity... in information and interaction. Is there an end destination? Well at some point, upgrading your website design and systems to the next level. And then continuing from there!

Since adding to your website content is a never-ending activity of marketing that is integral to any modern business, you need to allocate resources continuously.

Resources mean doing things right, and having the mixture of skillsets required to do those right things... as well as the time and money to keep up the work.

Can your team consistently publish high quality web content? Factors: knowledge, writing skill, images and media production, and web publishing technical skills

Productivity Factors

The key factors in how productive and CONSISTENT you are going to be in building up your website include:

  1. Knowledgeable staff who can also write
    A combination of someone who can write, with access to someone who knows their stuff
  2. A source of imagery if not other media such as videos, charts, diagrams, slideshows and so on
    ...and if you are producing imagery that is a whole skillset that also needs to be connected with the people who are defining the message
  3. The skillset of publishing content within your website system, likely to involve at least a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  4. A PLAN against which to work on your content, such as a content production and publishing schedule, as well as a more general policy and management structure around gathering ideas, deciding what needs to be done, prioritizing, and updating your plan
  5. The ENABLING PROCESS in your management structure, working methods, and software that means the people working on the content are supervised in terms of quality AND can still get stuff published without hold-ups

In addition, nowadays  you cannot really expect anybody to see your web pages unless you bring traffic to them from the outside, i.e. via advertising or external content linking campaigns. So your effectiveness also depends on your allocation of promotional and external publishing marketing resources.

Finally, assuming some of your content may be for specific purposes, such as gaining newsletter subscribers, getting people to download something or take some other action, or to acquire traffic from interested people in the first place... then you also need a FEEDBACK AND REACTION mechanism. You need to track the results of what you are doing and use this information to inform you about what to change and test, and indeed how to prioritize your resources among different opportunities.

Feedback is not just about quantitative data (and in fact it is highly toxic if your only way of assessing your website performance is through numbers) -- but also qualitative, especially human feedback i.e. the direct words of your audience / customers. This could be via feedback forms, surveys, social media, chat, or if you have the chance, face to face conversations.

If you are not performing any kind of actual human feedback and research for your website content then it is likely that you are missing out on the best way to get ideas for it.

Has your team got all of the above capabilities in place?

You will need to solve this in order to achieve a consistent productivity of web content production and publishing to support your business.

Projectized Content Improvements

All of the above advice is very well, but it is costly to implement, especially for small businesses, or for businesses which don't have a strong marketing mindset in the business. (It is actually easier to learn or hire in digital/tech skills than it is to find people good at marketing.)

So not every business has all of the requisite resources and skills -- and time! - to be able to remain productive at website content publishing, on a consistent basis.

If that is  you, and you are finding that it is hard going or a non-starter to get your website content built up, then you could consider a project approach to content, and outsource the work until a later time when you have the right resources in-house.

Project work is:

  • scope-limited not open-ended
  • time-delimited, has a start and finish
  • transparent to cost out
  • manageable in terms of outcomes

Although continuous in-house work on your website is always best if you can afford it and manage it, project work is the best way to structure outsourced content work, in a way that gets plenty of stuff done, within a predictable time and cost, without hiring or training or supervising staff, and without commitments of ongoing marketing payroll.

This is where we can help out, because in addition to helping you with content planning, we can actually do the work of producing text, gathering (or making) images, and publishing it all in your site.

Contact us now for helpful advice about improving your website content.

Factors affecting cost of content production

Here are some of the influential factors that affect the cost of developing content for your website:

  • length and number of pages
  • specialism of the topic and whether fresh research is required
  • type of media, e.g. video is at least 10x more resource intensive than custom graphic design
  • interactivity or software features
  • whether the content has a commercial purpose, e.g. content and design for an campaign landing page is a more complex and skilled matter than a general article like this one
  • whether the design departs from the styles and layouts already in your website

Another factor is that if your website is not built on a modern CMS like WordPress, adding new pages, editing existing ones, and making changes to navigation, layout, and styles... will all be substantially more difficult.

If a lack of CMS is a major friction to you being able to publish/edit content on your site (and it would be) then you may want to consider a switch to WordPress before tackling new content projects.


About KnowledgePower

KnowledgePower is a digital marketing agency in Havant, Hampshire, specializing in pay-per-click marketing for growing businesses. We have plenty of experience developing new web content for our clients, including in a variety of niche topics.

Because we are marketers the content we produce will be researched based on understanding your business, and therefore can be commercially oriented as well as just factual/informational.

We employ different writers for different topics, including the potential to engage specialist researchers, as well as graphic designers and illustrators, and web designers.

Contact us now for helpful advice about improving your website content.