Webmaster Service

A business woman is confused and frustrated by all the error messages around her head, and says she just wants to focus on growing the business.

Don't let the pile of technical and design issues from your website take your time away from growing the business!

As a small business manager without a big team of marketers and web developers, what do you do about all the little things involved in day-to-day updating and improving of your website?

And what do you do about all the slightly bigger things like, er, the whole website being down?

Can you afford to wait for hours or days when your business-critical website isn't working properly?

And can you afford to pay per hour for every single semi-technical thing you want to change on your site?

The KnowledgePower Webmaster Service was created to provide a simpler solution for you.

Webmaster Service Scope

In short, we solve anything you need doing on your site that isn't actual content production and isn't actual custom software development. There's quite a lot of work there, but we'll take care of it for you for a simple, fixed monthly fee.

  • Get help and fixes when you need them, without having to plan everything in advance
  • Support with WordPress websites as well as custom systems
  • Solve priority technical improvements such as mobile accessibility, speed, and https
  • Enable your team members to get more done, thanks to our friendly help with their daily "how do I do XYZ" queries
  • Help formatting content for professional looking web pages
  • Google Analytics tracking setup and help interpreting the data
  • Backups and security settings
  • Website performance and uptime monitoring
  • Marketing suggestions including on-site SEO and usability

Click here to download the 6-page PDF describing in detail what the service covers.

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More businesses are coming to depend on WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) behind the website. This is fantastic for enabling all the team to get involved in editing the website, and being able to use a huge range of themes and plugins that save you from having to reinvent the wheel.

Some of the pitfalls of WordPress include security, complexity of style customizations, and site speed. We'll help you with all of these.

Here are some common things we help businesses sort out in their WordPress websites:

  • Theme customization
  • Contact and booking forms
  • Analytics and interpretation of analytics
  • Research and selection of pro plugins for special functions of your site
  • Work on the hosting and database, including backups and migration to new hosting if required
  • Daily support for your team members -- "how do I do XYZ?"

The flexible scope of the Webmaster Service means that you do not need to plan ahead about what you need to do. After the main build of your website is done, this ongoing, incremental approach is a very good way of keeping your site updated and improving, without having to plan highly defined projects or requests for proposals.


KnowledgePower is based in Hampshire, UK, and our team of specialists include remote-working experts from the UK and EU.

Team members working in the background on your Webmaster support include:

  • Web designer specializing in CSS and mobile accessibility
  • Software developer experienced with hacking/fixing WordPress and PHP
  • Web content researcher and analytics specialist
  • Sysadmin experienced with hosting management and cloud services

One of the main benefits of the Webmaster Service is that you don't have to manage all sorts of different staff or freelancers: you just work with one account manager contact in KnowledgePower and we sort out who gets stuff done for you, in the background, on time.

For your digital marketing requirements, see also KnowledgePower services in Pay-per-Click, Social Media, and specially compiled outsource teams.



Two guys shrug, the left hand one saying he is a software developer, so cannot work on cosmetic things, and the right hand guy says he is a designer so doesn't get involved in code. What are small businesses supposed to do about jobs that aren't exactly programming, and aren't exactly design?

There are lots of jobs that fall in between the normal scope of developers and designers. Don't risk getting bogged down trying to fix all these things yourself. Your time is more valuable.


Examples of Webmaster responsibilities

There is (so far) no universally accepted definition of what  "webmaster" is and does. It is rare to find this as a job title, let alone in small businesses.

Here are some examples of what our Webmaster service covers:

  • Supporting non-technical staff in publishing new web pages and tweaking things like navigation and banners
  • WordPress plugin and theme setup and tweaking
  • Web analytics including setting up event and conversion tracking
  • Hosting setup and monitoring
  • Solving slow or offline website issues
  • Working through the many underlying tweaks to improve design and performance of a website for mobile users
  • Proactively discovering broken links and technical SEO issues

...and many more things. In fact, one of the most useful things about having Webmaster support for your business is that you don't need to puzzle over who can solve a certain job. You just say what you need doing (or fixing) and get a human, flexible response to get it sorted.

In small businesses, marketing or IT staff often have to multi-task into webmaster-like jobs, but these can distract from their core valuable work. Another problem with trying to cover webmaster-like jobs with increasingly Swiss-army-knife team members is that a lot of these tasks are rather repetitive and thankless - that is to say, demotivating and giving no strong incentives to do the work in high quality and speed. This is a sign that it makes sense to get outside help. You will gain peace of mind and your multitasking team members will thank you for it.

What does a Webmaster not cover? Take a look at our Webmaster Service PDF, pg 6 for details about that; it helps to clarify the scope of where webmaster resources begin and end, so you can evaluate whether you need a more specialist designer or programmer.

KnowledgePower's George Baily on why small businesses benefit from getting expert Webmaster assistance

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