SEO vs PPC explained in 10 Star Wars images

SEM Wars - SEO vs PPC (black night sky background, star wars font throughout)

SEM Wars! using 10 comparisons from the Star Wars movie, we explain our preference for pay-per-click (PPC) over search engine optimization (SEO)...

Speed: the pit of sarlaac vs jedi reflexes Risk: Jabba palace trapdoor vs Obi Wan immortality Planning: Greedo talking vs Han Solo shooting Mistakes: Darth Vader force choke vs powerful Jedi spirits Explanations: Techno Guild nonsense vs youngling clarity Agility: AT-ST on Endor vs guerrilla Ewoks Dependability: the Millennium Falcon fails to jump to light speed, while the Death star fires on demand Workload: Luke's uncle and aunt are burned out while Mace Windu barely breaks a sweat destroying hundreds of droids Targeting: Han Solo runs into a room full of stormtroopers but it doesn't matter because they have shit aim, vs Luke Skywalker shooting a torpedo into the tiny Death Star vent Your faith in paid traffic is your weakness; Emperor: unlimited free traffic buahahaha Your faith in your links is yours: Darth Vader picks up the Emperor - surprise algo change

Apologies and all images from movies not our copyright, go watch the movies

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