KnowledgePower Digital Projects Currently In The Works…

Happy business people celebrating a sucess with hands up in the office

Our new stock photo site software will allow users to dynamically adjust the levels of fist-pump, ethnic diversity, and furniture impracticality.


At KnowledgePower, we don't stand still. We are dynamically leaning in to optimize bleeding-edge engagement with our best-of-breed killer apps.

We don't just have standing desks - we have jogging desks, and we have to run up travelators to get there. We are so mobile-first, nobody in our office is allowed big screens. Except in the reception, where we play slo-mo time-lapsed drone footage of our Chief Awesomeness Officer high-fiving our diversity leverage taskforce, on surfboards, in a wavepool on a yacht powered by fair trade bran oil.

Here are just some of the projects we currently have in the works:

  1. Wearable websites
  2. Outsourced outsourcing
  3. A stock photo site where you can drag a slider to dynamically adjust happiness, gender, ethnicity levels in office groups
  4. 3D printed extrudables
  5. Ecommerce store for cloud fulcrums and enterprise levers
  6. Arbitrage content network, using clickbait academic paper abstracts and flipping traffic through to cached Geocities authority sites
  7. Case studies of successful digital marketing beard styles
  8. Fitness pillow app
  9. Crowdfunded bison adoption
  10. Windows 8.1 theme optimized for forehead keyboard input
  11. Drone bitcoin delivery
  12. Bioengineered pork pies with nanotech crust
  13. Open source fork of Kevin Bacon
  14. Responsive templates made entirely of CSS without any HTML
  15. Jabbascript plugins for Huttsuite
  16. Minimalist big data intelligence dashboards
  17. New line of hygienic wipes for photocopier glass
  18. Email client for Nigerian erectile dysfunction medication traders
  19. Adaptive AI for realtime hashtag-jacking
  20. Port of Vim for touch-only devices
  21. Blockchain revision history for Star Wars protecting against further corruption
  22. In-office airspace security platform for businesses with Bring Your Own Drone policies
  23. A revisionist history of HTML tables, until now hegemonisitically demonized by CSS layout shills
  24. Grassroots awareness campaign to get people to stop tacking e- and cyber- on the front of things
  25. Restful API for monitoring optimum artisanal bakery timing
  26. "Peak Attention" - a 3-volume study of how we have catastrophically already passed the point of content exponentially growing as our brains shrink
  27. Web accessibility framework using only cats for UI
  28. Joke disavow service since Google has started penalizing irony


Other projects recently abandoned for being technically unfeasible:

  • Method of monetizing clicks from in-app display ads
  • CSS Alignment As A Service
  • Productivity tracker for staff Facebook assignments
  • Client onboarding process that required strong passwords