Clickbait Practice

It's a good idea to keep your clickbait headline writing skills sharp. You can do this by writing imaginary headlines so you have all the right terms in your mind ready to go.

For example:

  • This dog licked the liquid nitrogen vat and you'll never guess what happened next.
  • He fell off the skyscraper but what happened to the glass roof will surprise you.
  • Doctors hate this pair of serial killers who only target doctors.

  • Engineers spent $1.6 billion reinventing a wheel: here's why.
  • What Miley Cyrus said about climate change will astound you.
  • The city where denim multi-launch missile systems are all the rage.
  • Polar bears swallowing adorable baby seals.
  • The one weird mushroom milkshake men with abs swear by.
  • 4 kittens you might not realize live inside your skin.
  • Sarah Palin and Chelsea Clinton both use this one kind of fork.
  • 4 Reasons Buzzfeed Makes You Click: It's Not What You Expect...


Tumbleweed TV news feature

and you'll never guess what these tumbleweeds did next