2015 World Consumer Brands Graphic

When we talk about "big brands" - do we really realize how huge and everywhere these brands are? In this graphic we've illustrated 470 familiar consumer brands and show how they are connected via corporate ownership to just 10 dominant multinationals.

Links to full size downloads below; creative commons CC BY-ND licenced, note disclaimers below and please feel free to share and send in your feedback.

World Consumer Brands: 470 famous consumer brands controlled or related to these 10 multinational giants


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Please see our shared spreadsheet here to see links to brand websites or wikipedia entries used to compile this infographic. The data in the table is licenced under the same CC BY-ND commons licence as noted in the graphic itself.

Graphics and ownership/relationships were researched in March 2015. So this graphic is just a snapshot in time. As noted in our disclaimer this is all for informal illustrative purposes only, we don't guarantee accuracy, and shouldn't be used as a primary reference for anything!



This graphic was assembled using public information with the data references provided in the above linked spreadsheet. It is an informal educational / general interest graphic and not intended for formal documentation and reference. No guarantees are made about accuracy and we will do our best to update the current version in response to any messages about inaccuracies. The word 'controlled by' in the title is used in the loosest possible sense and no legal or commercial meaning or critique is intended to be inferred from this graphic. Individuals and organizations contributing to this graphic are not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the mentioned brands or organizations. All logos, designs, trademarks, servicemarks, registered trademarks, and registered servicemarks are the property of their respective owners and are included here for illustrative/explanatory purposes only.

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