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KnowledgePower is a UK-based marketing agency. We represent a growing list of Chinese consumer electronics brands and factories, and are seeking new, tech-savvy video reviewers to do unboxing videos. Help with their publicity and product feedback while getting free kit sent to you, basically. Read more details below and get in touch with us to find out the latest lists of products being promoted.

Seeking video reviewers for new products released by up and coming Chinese consumer electronics brands
Sounds like your thing? Use the contact form below to register your interest.

About The Program

There are a lot of great quality, innovative electronic products coming out of China. Their (huge) market is in the US, Europe and the UK.

These Chinese brands often struggle with promoting their products' strengths and many companies are still developing their new brand identity, especially if they used to be factories rather than direct to consumer product sellers.

In other words, the products can be very cool (and usually cheaper than the big brands), but not well known. The products are usually for sale on Amazon and eBay so they are available for Western consumers... The brands just need help getting the word out there.

Getting video reviews is essential both for informing consumers about the good and the less good, and for feeding back genuine customer experience comments to the guys developing the products.

We are developing a growing network of long-term video review partners. We'll feed you regular new product samples and you test and review them in a timely manner and hopefully find that a lot of them are really cool. We are looking for genuine, balanced, informative reviews.


  1. We send you info about one or more products to see if you are interested
  2. You reply saying which products you would like to review
  3. We send the product to you for free
  4. You test the product and contact us with any technical queries
  5. You produce your video review
  6. You publish the video review on your Youtube (etc) channel and notify us
  7. We feed back the results to the brand
  8. The product is yours to keep / sell / give away

We are mainly interested in working with reviewers who can more or less guarantee that the product will get airtime. This is particularly the case for the higher value categories like phones and tablets: our sellers need to know it is worth sending out the free sample.

The Best Video Reviewers:

Some of the product sellers will make available voucher codes for you, so you can provide the code to your video audience and unlock price discounts for them.


About Your Reviews

The product is yours to keep. If you subsequently give away the product sample as a prize etc for your followers, please credit the company by clearly referencing the brand and model code.

After publishing your review, the video should be kept online for at least a year: we are looking for stable channels which build video views organically over time.

Jan-March 2015: UK Focus

Currently we are focusing on building a network of reviewers based in the UK. Your video should be British English and focused on a UK audience. We are seeking established electronics reviewers who get over 500 views on new videos within 1st month. We prefer channels which are focused on particular types of hardware. When applying please give us details of your channel and product category focus.

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